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John Causby is America's freshest voice over talent, vocally representing many top national brands, delivering a clean, approachable, authentic performance. John is an accomplished voice over actor and has a wide range of interpretation, is extremely versatile and covers virtually every category. John has an easy, conversational approach that allows the listener to feel at home and connect emotionally to the product. Also after being on both sides of the microphone he fully understands the structure and foundation of the media. He has incredible comic timing, a range of character and animation voices, along with a radio and television background that contributes to great promo, movie trailer and video-game trailer work. You hear John Causby regularly on national radio, television, internet, movie theaters, video games, DVD and even on the telephone.

Demos and Samples

NASCAR Dover NASCAR Promo - The Monster Mile
Movie Trailers Alice in Wonderland, The Time Travelers Wife, Bangkok Dangerous
Despicable Me Despicable Me - The Game Trailer.
QT Kitchens Breakfast Croissant Sandwich - Repeat After Me
River Dance Breakfast Croissant Sandwich - Repeat After Me
Broadway Broadway in Chicago: Motown the Musical


Voice Talent to meet all your needs.

  • Voice Over
  • Commercials
  • Radio and Television
  • Promos
  • Movie Trailers
  • Video Game Trailers
  • Spokesperson
  • Narration
  • Documentary
  • On Hold
  • Web Audio
  • Character Voices
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Animation/Cartoon Voices
  • Video Game Voices
  • ISDN
  • Phone Patch
  • Mp3 delivery
  • FTP posting
  • Full Service Studio
  • Voice Over Actor


Groundcrew Recording Studios
Anna Royal
2127 Hawkins St.
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 342-9900
Go Voices
Josh Miller
(303) 623-2723

Desanti Talent
Susie DeSantiago
(773) 585-5843
RHS Management
Loren Tarquino
(323) 810-3622
TMG Talent
Vickie Panek
Murray, Utah
(801) 263-6940
McCarrell & Associates
Lynda McCarrell
Los Angeles
(213) 760-4459


Recommended Companies

Groundcrew Recording Studios
Very creative, full service recording studio in Charlotte. They totally "get it." This is my home base.

Voice Bank - McCarrell & Associates/Groundcrew
Lynda McCarrell, my Hollywood agent. If she doesn't have it, you don't need it.

RSH Management - Atlanta
My agents in Atlanta

Sunspots Productions
Studio I work with quite often. Nice folks.

Go Voices
Josh Miller, my agent in Denver

Lotas Productions
Studio that represents me in New York. Great folks.

Studio I work with often near Asheville.

DeSanti Talents
Susie De Santiago is my agent in Chicago



L.A. or National/International
Please call Lynda McCarrell at McCarrell & Associates
(213) 760-4459

Denver or the Midwest
Please call Josh Miller at Go Voices
(303) 623-2723

New York
Contact Jim or Marion Kennaly
(212) 807-6910.

Atlanta or the Southeast
Richard Hutchinson
(404) 261-7824.


The number below is my home base Groundcrew Recording Studios. Groundcrew is a premium full service recording facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

While 24 hours notice is appreciated, we'll always do our best to get you the best voice over, when you need it.

2127 Hawkins Street
Charlotte, NC 28203
p: 704 342 9900
f: 704 342 2323